Dorm Room Guide

Space Saving Decor Ideas

Hello everyone! Today’s post is about space saving ways to decorate your dorm room. Many are afraid to add decor to their room because adding more elements may cause the room to look smaller than it really is. I will give you some tips and tricks to add more liveliness to your room without sacrificing space.

When you first enter a dorm room, the only furniture in the room is a desk, chair, drawers, and a bed. It is up to you on how you will arrange these pieces of furniture and what you will add to it. The secret to creating a lot of space in a dorm is all about utilizing your space to accommodate all your belongings in a well presented way. Many people will say that buying lots of storage bins and other storage items will help organize your space. This is true, but then you are left with lots of bins and compartments that will take up space in your room. To make matters worse, stored items will be out of sight, and therefore out of mind.

A simple way of organizing your belongings that saves space but also looks appealing is to use a bookshelf or rack to display your items. Instead of putting things such as textbooks, makeup, school supplies, etc in a container that could get easily unorganized, displaying these items on a shelf will add organization and aesthetics to your room.

I utilized a shoe rack from Target into shelving for my makeup and skincare

In the picture above, I used a shoe rack from Target to store all my skin care and makeup. I added two Sterilite® 3-Drawer Small Organizers on top of the shelves to house my makeup. I then finished with two Wood Planters to hold my makeup brushes. Buy using a rack as displayed, you are able to store items vertically with the different shelves and still have counter space in front of the rack. I also stored textbooks vertically beside my shoe rack so that I can easily accessed my books when needed. When displaying your items with open storage units such as shelving, your belongings will look neat and organized.

Another tip to creating more space in your dorm is to loft your bed. While this may seem a bit scary for those who are afraid of heights, anyone can adjust to this accommodation. All lofted beds have the option of railings so that things (and yourself) can not fall off the bed. In addition, as a person who is afraid of heights (but more just afraid of falling), I have a lofted bed and am not afraid at all. Climbing up and down from the bed becomes a regular task after a few days and actually trains you to be less forgetful about leaving behind items below or above on your bed. If you visit my Top 10 Essential Dorm Items post, I mention a helpful item for those living with bunked or lofted beds. Anyway, in relation to saving space, lofted beds are able to fit a desk and drawer underneath them. This saves LOTS of space by utilizing the verticle space of your dorm. Now, there is more open space in your room because the space that was originally for only a bed now contains a bed, drawer, and desk. In my dorm, my roommate and utilize the space saved by lofting our beds by keeping it open so there is a decent sized space in the middle of our room. We like to work out so we often do yoga or pilates in this space because it is large enough to comfortably fit a yoga mat. The extra space is also nice because it gives a sense of personal space. It is common for a lot of people who normally have a room to themselves to dread having to share a room with another person. By having this extra space between my side of the room and my roommates, it adds more comfort and also the personal space that every person needs.

Another way to visually create a larger space is to have a minimalistic approach to decorating your room. The idea of less is more really applies when adding decor to a small space. Many will argue that factors such as different colors, patterns, and styles greatly impact the visual space of any room. While this is true, it is not dependent on the types of colors used, rather, what is important is how many colors are incorporated and how they are presented. For example, many people believe that lighter colors such as white and pastels make a room brighter and more open while darker colors such as black and navy create a smaller space. While this may sometimes be true, any color can make a room seem larger or smaller depending on how these colors are incorporated into the decor.

A good balance of dark and light colors

In the example above, the underlying color scheme is black and white. While the majority of the bedspread is white, the throw blanket, pillows, and wall decor are black. This creates a good balance between dark and light colors. Many are afraid to incorporate dark-colored decor in fear that this will make their room look smaller. In reality, dark-colored items add a classy and modern style to any room. The key idea is to balance dark and light colors so that they compliment each other.

Another tip is to refrain from overwhelming patterns and too many different colors. While colors and patterns add a sense of liveliness to any space, they can also create a busy and overly ornate scene. Again, the key is finding a good balance between colors and patterns. If you would like to incorporate lots colors, I would recommend starting with a simple base color such as white or a light pastel and adding accent colors. For example, I would have a single pastel colored bedding but have lots of colorful pillows to accent it. My desk would have white colored storage units but also have a few colorful paintings hanging on the walls. This balance between simple and colorful creates a visually pleasing area that does not look too busy or overcrowded.

Lastly, if you want to go crazy with colors or decorate your dorm room with only dark colors, go for it. Different styles work for different people. While the tips that I have mentioned will help you design a more organized and spacious room, they are also meant to inspire you. I hope that these ideas helped and I wish you the best for your school year!



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